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Volunteer Tenets: VCU Ethical Standards
VCU is committed to an environment of uncompromising integrity and ethical conduct. Our ethical standards are the foundation for our decisions and actions. As volunteers our actions are guided by these principles and values:
VCU’s mission is to advance knowledge and student success through its commitments to:
An engaged, learner-centered environment that fosters inquiry, discovery and innovation in a global setting
  • Research that expands the boundaries of new knowledge and creative expression and promotes translational applications to improve human health
  • Interdisciplinary collaborations that bring new perspectives to complex problems and mobilize creative energies that advance innovation and solve global challenges
  • Health care that strives to preserve and restore health for all people, to seek the cause and cure of diseases through groundbreaking research, and to educate those who serve humanity
  • Diversity that provides a climate of inclusion, a dedication to addressing disparities wherever they exist, and an opportunity to explore and create in an environment of trust
  • Sustainable, university-community partnerships that enhance the educational, economic and cultural vitality of the communities VCU serves in Virginia and around the world

Core values
  1. Accountability – committing to the efficient and transparent stewardship of our resources to achieve institutional excellence
  2. Achievement – ensuring distinction in learning, research and scholarly pursuits, service, and patient care
  3. Collaboration – fostering collegiality and cooperation to advance learning, entrepreneurship and inquiry
  4. Freedom – striving for intellectual truth with responsibility and civility, respecting the dignity of all individuals
  5. Innovation – cultivating discovery, creativity, originality, inventiveness and talent
  6. Service – engaging in the application of learning and discovery to improve the human condition and support the public good at home and abroad
  7. Diversity – ensuring a climate of trust, honesty and integrity where all people are valued and differences are recognized as an asset
  8. Integrity – adhering to the highest standards of honesty, respect and professional and scholarly ethics
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